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Tuesday 10 January 2023

When a little research might have been a good idea

The first thing you are taught in journalism is to do your research.

Check names, ages and facts.

So it would seem strange, then that a new US-based luxury consumer travel magazine about to launch would choose the name of a magazine that already exists.

Even more peculiar when that magazine publishes in another language and is aimed at the funeral industry. 

OLTRE is to be published by the Global Travel Collection, which bills itself as "the world's largest collection of luxury travel advisors".

ÓLTRE is an Italian word meaning “beyond,” “over,” or “above.” Sometimes "something beyond".

The new magazine plans to publish quarterly, and to be "collectible".

But that might depend on what the good people at the other - long-established - Oltre in Italy have to say.

They are not hard to find. Just go to

Oh. And there is also an online Oltre magazine, based in the Netherlands, that sells fashion items. You'll find them here:  

No possible confusion, then, when people go looking for OLTRE online.

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