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Monday 9 January 2023

Travel alert: Watch out for in-flight urinators

Plenty of people behave badly when flying but an Air India passenger hit a new low when he urinated on an elderly woman.

In business class.

Air India has said it will review its onboard alcohol policy after the drunk passenger caused outrage.

CEO Campbell Wilson tweeted an apology after a "heavily inebriated" man urinated on a woman in business class, The Hindu newspaper reported.

“Air India acknowledges that it could have handled this better,” he said.

Amazingly, the man was only banned from flying on Air India for 30 days. Oops. Fail.

Indian media reported the man was a senior bank executive who has since been fired.

A police report was filed and the alleged perpetrator was arrested over the weekend and is being held for 14 days in custody, The Hindu reported..

The incident happened on a flight from New York to Delhi in November 26.

Wilson said the airline was taking steps to prevent future such incidents, including a review of its policy on serving alcohol and a better internal communication system for crew to lodge reports before landing.

The CEO also said that the victim had been receiving "ongoing assistance" from the airline after it received the complaint on November 27. Her tickets were refunded and he had met with her and her family on four occasions.

Both the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the Delhi Police are probing Air India for its failure to handover the errant passenger to security forces and report the incident when it happened.

Remarkably, Air India reported a second similar incident last month when a male passenger urinated on a vacant seat and the blanket of another passenger on a flight between Paris and New Delhi in December.

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  1. Not common to urinate on a fellow passenger. Not uncommon to urinate against a bulkhead or in the hand basin..