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Sunday 1 January 2023

A round of apaws for a Sydney hotel that lets pets stay for free

An increasing number of hotels are allowing guests to travel with their furry friends but the recently opened Kimpton Margot Hotel in Sydney goes an extra mile.

My friends at Eight Communications advise that the Kimpton is the only luxury hotel in Australia's biggest city that doesn’t charge extra to have your furry, feathery, or scaly family member stay overnight with you.

The hotel boasts that no matter the size, weight, or breed, if your pet fits in the elevator, they’re welcome to stay.

Now I have a friend with a very small donkey....

Kimpton's pet accessories include plush pet-bed loaners in your guest room, food, water bowls and mats; a concierge list of nearby pet-friendly restaurants, parks, groomers, and pet boutiques; door hangers alert other hotel guests and staff that your cat, dog, or other beloved pet is in the room and courtesy poo bags for when you take your pooch for a walk.

There are zero additional charges for pets and no deposit required.

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