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Friday 27 January 2023

Are you ready to enjoy your wine from a bagnum?

Looking for a wine to take to the beach, or on a picnic?

Bottles are heavy, casks can be unwieldy. So how about a bagnum? 

Wines from Wolf Blass and Squealing Pig - both part of the Treasury Wine Estates stable - are now available in 1.5-litre carry bags, which have been dubbed bagnums as they contain the same amount of wine as two bottles.

The bagnums are lightweight and easy to carry and designed for summer entertaining. The blurb says they "offer convenience that doesn’t compromise on the quality".

You can also easily take home whatever wine is left over and pop it back into the fridge  

The Squealing Pig wines are a sauvignon blanc and a pinot gris.

Wolf Blass, meanwhile, has produced three varietals in a 1.5-litre format, including Wolf Blass Chardonnay, Wolf Blass Shiraz Cabernet and Wolf Blass Cabernet Sauvignon.
The wines are described as "soft and approachable". I'll report back after I have tried them.

The bagnums are billed as having seven times lower carbon emissions than a traditional 750ml glass bottle and it is easier throw one into the esky than two glass bottles.

“The Squealing Pig style has always been to produce approachable, flavour-packed, fun wines," says Kaushik Lal, Squealing Pig’s senior brand manager.

"The expansion into Bagnums felt like a natural extension for this already playful and irreverent brand."

Shehan Ananthakumar, Wolf Blass’ senior brand manager, said: "“When it came to an iconic brand like Wolf Blass, it gave us the perfect platform to play in this category as its reputation for quality, character and exceptional winemaking can be extended into a valued product that will be enjoyed by all and for all occasions.”

Bagnums are available exclusively to Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores and are priced beteeen $28-$32. 

UPDATE: I have sampled the full range and there are two standouts. The sauvignon blanc is impressively bright and varietal - a terrific summer wine. The Wolf Blass cabernet sauvignon is of excellent quality and maintained its appeal a week after being opened. 

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