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Tuesday, 29 November 2022

New chief winemaker named at Kooyong and Port Phillip Estate

Talented Tim Perrin has been named as the new chief winemaker of Kooyong and Port Phillip Estate on the Mornington Peninsula. 

Perrin, who joins from Oakridge in the Yarra Valley, will take over from long-time winemaker Glen Hayley, who is leaving the role and departing Australia to pursue other interests. 

Prior to this appointment, Perrin worked as senior winemaker under David Bicknell at Oakridge for seven years, making a significant contribution to the success of the winemaking program there. 

Managing director Marco Gjergja said: "This appointment will enable Tim to build on his knowledge and allow him to bring his talents to Kooyong and Port Phillip Estate, evolving our winemaking in line with our family’s vision."

Perrin said he is looking forward "to building on the legacy of an iconic wine business and propelling it forward into the future to continued success". 

"We believe Tim’s focus, expertise and talent will ensure our family wine business upholds and enhances its reputation as one of the country’s finest boutique chardonnay and pinot noir producers." Gjerga said.

"Following the tough conditions that our business, region and industry have faced over the past three years and the extreme challenges associated with Covid-19, it was inevitable that a few of us would make some life-changing decisions. 

"It was with feelings of sadness, gratitude and respect that I received Glen Hayley’s resignation.

"Over his time with us, Glen’s focus, expertise and talent have been instrumental in raising the quality of our wine. He has always approached his role with total commitment, integrity, enthusiasm and passion. We wish Glen all the best with his future endeavours overseas and look forward to raising a glass to celebrate the 13-year association that we have enjoyed."

Good to see a departing winemaker acknowledged so warmly, Hayley did a great job after taking over from the esteemed Sandro Moselle.  

Perrin will commence as chief winemaker at the beginning of 2023. 

He has worked in California, at Golden State Vintners, as well as in Coonawarra, Yenda, near Griffith, and with Jim Chatto at McWilliams Wines from 2012 to 2015.

Explosive times in Hawaii as volcano eruption begins

The Mauna Loa volcano on Hawai‘i Island has begun to erupt.

The lava currently contained within the summit caldera at the top of the 4170-metre volcano. Hawaii Tourism reports.

The situation is being closely monitored around the clock by scientists from the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory and Hawai‘i Emergency Management Agency, which are providing regular updates.

The last time Mauna Loa erupted was 38 years ago in 1984. The island’s most recent eruption took place in 2018 when Kīlauea Volcano erupted, and lava flowed for several months.

There is currently no lava flow down the slopes of Mauna Loa and no danger to residents or communities on Hawai‘i Island right now.

Local officials says there is no need for tourists to change travel plans to any of the Hawaiian Islands at this time.

But residents and visitors staying in communities downslope of Mauna Loa have been told to have emergency preparedness plans ready in the event an evacuation becomes necessary

People who suffer from asthma, emphysema, COPD, or other types of breathing problems have been warned to take precautions to avoid the ash and vog (volcanic fog) that are characteristic of volcanic eruptions.

Mauna Loa is located on Hawai‘i Island, the southernmost island of the main island chain. Travel to the other islands - Kaua‘i, O‘ahu, Maui, Moloka‘i and Lāna‘i - is unaffected by the eruption.

Hawai‘i Island’s two major airports in Hilo and Kona are currently open and the eruption is not expected to affect their ability to handle the regularly scheduled flights that arrive and depart each day.

But tourists are advised to check with their your airline for the status of their flight.

For information you check out these websites:

The inside dope on a beach resort with herbal intent

Meet the luxury beach resort that is using cannabis as a selling point.

The Beach Samui, on Thailand's Koh Samui island, this week announced the opening of The Herbalist at The Beach Samui, billed as the first in-hotel herbal dispensary in South-East Asia.

It coyly says the new outlet is "designed to aid in healing using natural plant-based remedies to supercharge one's lifestyle."

The Herbalist at The Beach Samui will be staffed by two registered Herbal Pharmacists trained under Thailand's Ministry of Public Health's Department for Development of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, and a roster of guest practitioners, "to deliver an all-natural healing experience as each guest wishes".

The hotel website says the "in-hotel medical cannabis and herbal dispensary will serve the finest cannabis flower, gourmet edibles and infused teas."

"Under the guidance of government-trained herbal pharmacists, using purpose-driven, certified-clean, plant-based cannabis ingredients, guests are invited to experience "a truly magical combination of cannabinoids that enhance the natural journey of well-being with a focus on the celebration of health and relaxation throughout their stay".

The Beach has 21 suites with ocean views, an a restaurant with a focus on infused Thai home-style cooking - just in case you get a big hungry!

The inside dope is that T-Basa, a cannabis industry leader in Thailand, will spearhead licensing and cultivation.

Charlotte Rose Melsom, founding partner of The Beach Samui, says: "Thailand has a long history of medicinal herb use and is once again celebrating their importance in everyday life.

"It has become our purpose to create a place where those wishing to discover the well-being benefits of medicinal herbs and cannabinoids can do so in a safe, monitored and elevated journey of outstanding hospitality, ultimate comfort, authentic experience and fundamental education."

Visit thebeachsamui.com/win for more details and a chance to win a free stay.

How holidays can help boost our overall happiness

Travellers will be looking trips and destinations that aid their happiness in 2023, one expert predicts.

And that pursuit of happiness will be even more important in tough economic times that lay ahead.

I'm not sure how seriously you can take comments from someone who calls themselves "Dr Happy" - but here we go.

Oaks Hotels, Resorts & Suites’ Resident Happiness Expert, Dr Tim Sharp (aka Dr Happy) has shared his reasons why the search for happiness will be a key travel trend in 2023.

While many people may think that rising living costs will take travel off the agenda, founder of The Happiness Institute, Dr Sharp (aka Dr Happy, below), says there’s no need for travel to be extensive for it to have a positive impact on our physical and mental wellbeing.

Rather than Ferraris, Fendi and fine dining, the reason travel is such a significant contributor to our happiness is simpler things, such as ‘taking time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, creating opportunities to try new things, and sharing experiences and making connections with friends and family.

"Research has shown that travel taps into some of the key principles of happiness because it’s intrinsically linked to embracing new experiences and breaking out of our usual routines, Dr Sharp says (sorry, I just can't call him Dr Happy).

"Trying new things gives us the good feels and creates opportunities to learn and gain confidence, which in turn reduces stress and boosts our mood and satisfaction levels – contributing to that overall happy feeling.

"There is no doubt experiences trump material possessions every time, and the more frequently we’re able to get away, the happier we are.

“Even the initial step of researching and booking time away creates the joy of anticipation, with an incredible 97% of people confirming they feel happier when they have a trip to look forward to, and 71% of people saying they feel energised when they have travel coming up within six months."

Minor Hotels’ Head of Commercial for Australia and New Zealand, John Thompson, says the company’s new brand platform Happy Folks Choose Oaks centres around the same philosophy, that simple things such as a weekend staycation in your own city, a road trip to a regional destination, or a coastal getaway with family and friends were central to happy stays for the company’s guests.

Thompson says there is a definite trend towards extended long weekends, with travellers increasingly booking stays from Friday through to Monday instead of the conventional Friday/Saturday weekend getaways of old.

This is due to the flexibility of remote and hybrid working - and a growing intolerance for hectic airports (Friday night, Sunday night, Monday morning) and peak-hour traffic.

Following experiences with airport chaos, lost baggage, cancellations and soaring prices, Australians are also swapping airline cabins for the car and taking more self-drive holidays, Thompson says.

Visit the Oaks Hotels website for more info and the chance to win a holiday as The Happiest Person.

To view the commercial and assets, please find link here.

Monday, 28 November 2022

At 1500kg Pantaleon is not your average airline passenger

Meet Pantaleón, who is not your average airline passenger.

The four-year-old 1500kg rhino was recently flown from Buiz Zoo, south of Santiago in Chile, to his new home in the city of Pereira, Colombia by LATAM Airlines.

The transport of the endangered animal was part of a collaboration between Modern Zoos for the Conservation of Endangered Species, LATAM Cargo, Bilbao Air Cargo and Buin Zoo.

Months of planning and training went into executing this operation so that the rhino travelled safely on its journey of over 6000km.

Pantaleón is the first white rhinoceros born in Chile and was transferred from Buin Zoo to the Ukumarí Biopark in Colombia to join two females for reproduction and conservation of the species.

“Being part of the birth of Pantaleón and then witnessing him grow is something unique and wonderful, so there is no doubt that his departure is very hard too, but the most important thing is that we are making a real contribution to the conservation of a species that is disappearing," says Ignacio Idalsoaga, director of Buin Zoo.

“LATAM Cargo is proud to participate in this operation that contributes to the preservation of such a unique and wonderful species," says Juan Pablo Marquez, manager of cargo operations for LATAM.

"It takes months of preparation to understand the type of animal, its behaviour and select an expert team to accompany the rhino throughout the shipping. Everything must be very well calculated and coordinated between the different participants so that the animal is transported safely.” 

Pantaleon is a name meaning "lion of all".

On a budget? Here's somewhere new to stay in Auckland from $55 per night

Looking for an affordable place to stay Auckland?

Say hello to LyLo - a new lifestyle budget accommodation experience opening in Auckland CBD on  December 1.

But you'll have to make some compromises.

Aimed at cost-conscious travellers, the first Lylo property offers sleeping pods for a different travel experience.

The LyLo concept features multi-purpose spaces to play, eat, work and sleep with a mix of 190 private sleeping pods, 37 private double rooms with shared amenities and 70 private rooms with en-suite bathrooms.

The property also features a fully equipped shared kitchen (that worries me; could get messy), breakout spaces to lounge with friends, find a quiet nook to read or plug-in to work, plus Miss Lucy’s bar.

“Our flagship LyLo property has been designed for travellers to stay in an epic and affordable way by giving them all the perks of communal and social travel but with the privacy of their own comfortable sleeping space," says Lylo managing director Tim Alpe.

“We’ve torn up the rulebook and turned budget accommodation on its head. LyLo Auckland is meticulously designed, based on real insights into what a traveller needs with stylish finishes.

"We are excited to open what will be a super affordable place to sleep for savvy travellers. We can’t wait to welcome travellers to what will be the largest lifestyle budget accommodation of its kind in New Zealand and will reset the benchmark for this sector globally.”

LyLo Auckland will be the flagship property followed by the Jucy Snooze pod experiences in Christchurch and Queenstown transitioning to LyLo properties in 2023.

Each private pod features a king single bed; Bluetooth storage locker; multiple power and USB charging ports; fast wifi; lighting, fan, mirror and acoustic privacy screens.

Pods can be booked from $55 per night, while the private and en-suite rooms start from $109 and $159 per night respectively. Female-only pod rooms are also available.

LyLo is part of EVT’s travel portfolio across Australia and New Zealand which includes QT Hotels and Resorts; Rydges Hotels and Resorts; Atura Hotels and the Independent Collection by EVT.

To book see www.lylo.com