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Thursday 12 January 2023

Why a Japanese passport is the most useful in the world

A Japanese passport is the most useful travel document you could be carrying in 2023.

Japanese passports are the most accepted globally for the fifth straight year, says the Henley Passport Index, which ranks all the world's 199 passports according to the number of destinations their holders can access without a prior visa.

Japanese citizens can visit 193 destinations out of 227 visa-free, while those of South Korea and Singapore, which are tied in second place, enjoy a visa-free/visa-on-arrival score of 192.

Germany and Spain are joint third, with visa-free access to 190 destinations worldwide. The UK and the US remain in sixth and seventh places, with scores of 187 and 186.

Australia comes in eighth at 185, maintaining the top 10 spot it has held for the almost two decades the index has been in existence.  

The passport you would least like to hold is that of Afghanistan with a score of just 27.

On a macro level, latest study by Henley & Partners reveals that just 6% of passports worldwide give their holders visa-free access to more than 70% of the global economy.

And only 17% of countries give their passport holders visa-free access to more than four-fifths of the world's 227 destinations.

The Japanese passport gives visa-free access to 85% of the world and, collectively, these countries account for a whopping 98% of the global economy.

India has the world's fifth-largest economy, but its passport holders can access just 59 destinations worldwide visa free. 

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