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Wednesday 18 January 2023

US fines UK airline for flying over Iraq

Americans love to stick their noses in where they do not belong.

Whether they are acting as "the world's policeman", helping overthrow legitimate governments, or demanding you have a visa to transit through one of their chaotic airports, the US wants the world to know it is important.

Even if it is hopeless at preventing lunatics invading its Chambers of Congress, or preventing 10-year-old children from going on shooting sprees.

The latest US muscle flexing saw British-based Virgin Atlantic penalised by the US Department of Transportation for overflying Iraqi airspace.

The airline was fined $US1.05 million.

The US DOT claims jurisdiction as Virgin Atlantic operated codeshare flights for partner Delta Air Lines.

Virgin operated "a significant number of flights" between September 16, 2020, and September 16, 2021, the DOT said.

“Virgin Atlantic operated in violation of federal law.”

The US restricted its airlines from flying at certain altitudes over Iraqi airspace in 2020.

Virgin Atlantic has a partnership with KLM, Air France and Delta, so has to pay up.

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