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Wednesday 11 January 2023

When an airline forgets its own passengers

You've checked in for your flight and been allocated a seat.

You have your boarding pass in hand and your baggage has been loaded on board your plane. 

You are in a shuttle bus on the tarmac en route to your plane.

Which takes off without you - and the other 50 or more people on the bus.

That's what happened earlier this week to passengers flying from Bangalore to Delhi with Go First (formerly known as GoAir).

The Go First flight G8116 took off at 6:30am on Monday without 54 passengers, who had apparently been forgotten on the bus.

The Indian aviation regulator, DCGA, on Tuesday issued a show cause notice to Go First for "multiple mistakes" The budget airline has apologised for the incident, saying it happened due to "inadvertent oversight". That's some oversight.

Go First has suspended all staff involved in the incident until an investigation has been completed.

Local media reported that the stranded passengers were put on a later Air India flight to Delhi, where they were reunited with their baggage.

Go First has reportedly decided to offer all affected passengers one free ticket for travel on any domestic sector.

Go First is an Indian ultra-low-cost airline based in Mumbai. Ironically its motto is “you come first”. Except on this occasion.

Caveat emptor.  

Should you be curious, check them out here:

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