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Monday 2 January 2023

Meet the global cuisine guide that lacks any taste

The United States has more delicious food than France.

England has more culinary delights than Thailand.

And Bosnia and Herzegovina has tastier food than Malaysia. Oh,and the Netherlands has a ‘cuisine’ that is tastier than Lebanese.
All right. Stop laughing. 

It is, of course, the silly season, when publicity seekers take advantage of a lack of news in a bid to make their own absurd headlines.

The culprits this time are Croatian-based "food experts" TasteAtlas, who released their own guide to the best global cuisine for those with poor palates.

Great local food can be a matter of national pride, so the reaction to the list was swift and nations like Malaysia and Singapore. 

Italy was in first place (not totally unreasonably), Greece 2nd, Spain 3rd, Japan 4th, India 5th and Mexico sixth.

The US (in 8th spot) outranked several countries renowned for their food culture, including France (9th), China (11th) and South Korea (19th). 

England (29th) out-rated Thailand (30th) on the list.

The list was described on social media as "redundant" and "completely insane". Which would seem to be fair.

TasteAtlas defended its bizarre rankings by citing a complicated algorithm that considers ingredients, dishes and drinks in each nation.

The rankings, TasteAtlas says, are compiled “according to audience votes for ingredients, dishes and beverages".

Their voters are obviously Euro-centric in the extreme and blessed with appalling taste.



For those wondering New Zealand was 76th and Australia 89th. 


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