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Sunday 29 January 2023

Some sex advice with your holiday research

Travellers looking at booking a trip to Lord Howe Island got a surprise earlier this week when a tourism website was hacked and items linking to dating apps and porn sites were uploaded.

The naughty hackers flooded the website with x-rated links, ads and articles.

Anal sex is not the image the tranquil island off the coast of Port Macquarie in Australia's New South Wales state normally tries to promote.

The hackers also posted adverts for "get rich quick" schemes, somehow breaching the website's security. There was also advice on "How to date an older woman".  

The hack gained widespread international coverage - which was probably not a bad thing.

The Travel Mole website - which has global reach - reported that site administrators regained control and deleted the fruity content.

Mortified Lord Howe Island Tourism officials reported that their investigation showed only 11 visitors saw the hacker's work before the website was cleaned up.  

Should you wish to know more about lovely Lord Howe Island, here is a link:, and here is another one:

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