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Tuesday 17 January 2023

Squealing Pig throws its rosé behind the gender diverse community

Treasury Wine Estate's Squealing Pig label is offering support to the LGBTQIA+ communities from the Australian Open (which started this week), through to Sydney WorldPride through a national ‘Summer of Love’ campaign.

As part of the promotiont, the labels on every 750ml bottle of Squealing Pig Rosé will be replaced with nine limited-edition Pride Labels until the end of March.

The labels will feature cheeky rhymes that celebrate every letter of the LGBTQIA+ acronym and other allies.

So perhaps not one to share with the very straight managing director, but ideal for drinking with gender diverse friends.

Squealing Pig is also teaming up with broadcaster and entertainer Brihony Dawson and stylist and drag entertainer Rian Difuntorum (also known as Aysha Buffet, I am reliabely told) who debuted a piece of social media content called ‘Love’ .

Here's the link:  

Squealing Pig is the official wine of the Australian Open and Sydney WorldPride 2023, which is being billed as the biggest event in the harbour city since the 2000 Olympics.

The marketers say Squealing Pig wants to raise awareness of the diversity of LGBTQIA+ communities.

The campaign will be shared across social media, YouTube, and connected TV.

Kaushik Lal, from Squealing Pig says: ““At Squealing Pig, we’re known for our inclusive and cheeky approach to the complex world of wine, a category that a lot of people find confusing and stuffy.

"But we are also committed to channelling our playfulness and positivity in support of inclusion and diversity on a much broader level.”

The Squealing Pig Pride Labels will replace existing Squealing Pig Rosé bottles until the end of March (or until stocks run out).

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