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Monday 23 January 2023

Enjoy Tasmanian seafood with a view at Sealife

Bring a big appetite with you if you plan to eat at Sealife at Bicheno on Tasmania's East Coast.

With spectacular views overlooking the ocean and a menu that focuses on Tasmanian seafood like oysters, scallops and fresh fish, it is dangerously easy to over-order.

Be warned: the portions at this eatery are genereous. Very generous.

If you order scallops rockefeller (served on the shell with herb and garlic butter and bacon) you get around 16 small, juicy and tasty scallops. Enjoy these with some garlic bread and you have a veritable feast.

Or other starter was fish croquettes, four large croquettes smothered with a blue cheese sauce and served with a fresh salad. Very tasty.

The wine list includes local producers like Milton, Freycinet Vineyard and Spring Vale, along with Tasmanian boutique stars Haddow & Dineen and Glaetzer Dixon, and a smattering of mainland options.

Fish of the day was blue-eyed trevalla, which we tried two different ways: battered with chips and salad with cherry tomatoes (three large fillets); and steamed with ginger, so, Asian greens, spring onions and chilli, along with some wild rice.

Both offered a serious challenge - and as we succeeded, that ruled out the possibility of sampling the pecan pie my wife had her eyes on.

With two glasses of wine each, we managed to come in under $200 for two - on a weekend in a popular seaside resort. That's decent value given the portion sizes.

The menu changes with the seasons with carnivore, vegan and vegetarian options available.

The service is country comfortable - totally appropriate - and the restaurant is owned and operated by a husband and wife team.

Overlooking Waubs Bay, Sealife was first established in 1978 as an aquarium for local fish species such as crayfish, octopus, sharks and seahorses.

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