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Friday 3 April 2020

"I'm an exception". A nation afflicted by moronavirus

In Adelaide, a wine industry colleague reports seeing a woman sneeze directly onto the handlebars of her supermarket trolley. 

In Hobart, a friend of a friend sees seven young blokes having a kickabout in a park before all climbing in the same car. When he remonstrates with them they give him a gobful. 

In Canberra, a political journalist is incensed when she is told she shouldn't allow her daughter to play basketball with a friend in the local park. 

On the Mornington Peninsula, there is anger when a skate board park is closed down. 

In my street, three or four local blokes still gather together each night for a few beers. 

On the TV people who ignored multiple Government warnings to come home to Australia from overseas or face being isolated complain about the quality of the hotel accommodation they have been given. 

One gives the excuse they continued with their cruise because they would not have been given a refund.

On the radio there is a woman saying her mother has dementia so should be allowed into an aged care home to care for her when it is in lockdown. 

Young people congregate on St Kilda Beach in groups (above), because it "is such a great day".  

And there are dozens of other examples. 

Everyone, it seems, feels they are an "an exception" to the rules, or sheer common decency. Australians have taken over from Brits as the world champion whingers. 

Australia is faring a lot better against coronavirus than many other countries, despite the Government being sluggish to react at  the start. 

But just when did Australians become so selfish that they are willing to put themselves, and and their friends and neighbours - at risk? It's a mystery. 


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