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Saturday 3 August 2019

From a trickle to a flood: celebrity booze endorsements

From UFC fighter Conor McGregor to actor Sarah Jessica Parker, there is an avalanche of celebrities releasing their "own" wines, beers and spirits.

From Bob Dylan bourbon to Ron Jeremy rum, I call "enough". 

I care not one jot for Justin Timberlake's tequila. 

Making wine or distilling booze needs both time and expertise, something these celebs do not have. What they do have is a name to help sell product.

Yet the public lap it up - literally.

The Drinks Business reported this week that McGregor's Irish whiskey label has become a brand powerhouse just months after launching in the US and is now available in Canada.

"We have now delivered our delicious blend of golden grain and single malt; this is pure liquid gold aged four years in bourbon barrels,” said McGregor, a man known more for his thugishness than aesthetic sensibilities.

Proper No. Twelve is produced by Eire Born Spirits and is a blended whiskey made by former Bushmills distiller David Elderman.

McGregor is the majority shareholder, CEO and chairman of the brand.

Meanwhile, the first bottles of Marlborough sauvignon blanc from former Sex and the City star Parker - labelled Invivo X - will go on sale next month. 

Parker designed the label and used the same trendy teal as one of her favourite pairs of shoes in her SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker shoe collection. So chic.

The wines are being made in collaboration with dynamic New Zealand brand Invivo, founded by Rob Cameron and Tim Lightbourne.

The publicity blurb says Parker "is involved in all aspects of the creation of the wines, from the label design to choosing the final blend". She is also a shareholder in the company.

The second release from her Invivo X brand will be a rosé from Southern France. 

And so it continues. 

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