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Saturday, 24 August 2019

Airline rated "greedy, sneaky and arrogant"

Budget airline Ryanair has come bottom in the annual Which? survey rating the customer services of 100 popular brands in the United Kingdom.

It's the sixth year in a row that the controversial airline has been last on the list, Travel Mole reports.

The Which? survey asked 4,000 members of the public to rate the customer services of well-known brands on customer service, knowledge and how helpful they were.

Ryanair scored 45% for customer service overall and received the lowest rating of one star in all three categories. When asked about how well the airline handles complaints, 50% of respondents gave it the lowest rating possible.

Given a choice of 50 terms to describe the companies on the list, many respondents chose to describe Ryanair as 'greedy', 'sneaky' and 'arrogant'.

British Airways came 83rd on the list, with an overall customer service rating of 66%. EasyJet was the highest performing airline, coming in at 79th, with an overall score of 68%.

Which? magazine editor Harry Rose said the firms that have "gone out of their way to prioritise customer service as a key part of their business" are the ones that have done best in the survey.

The highest overall brand on the list was First Direct, a retail bank, followed by kitchenware store Lakeland and retailer Marks and Spencer.

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