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Wednesday 28 August 2019

A world first: a fine art exhibition at sea

MSC Grandiosa, the newest ship in the MSC Cruises fleet set to launch in November, will host the world’s first fine art experience on board a cruise ship.

The immersive art and dining experience featuring Degas Danse Dessin aims to bring guests closer to the world of fine art with an exhibition of original Impressionist art.

Housed in a purpose-built installation within the chic L’Atelier Bistro at the heart of the ship’s Mediterranean-style promenade, the Edgar Degas exhibition is the first curation of this unique collection on board a cruise ship.

The Danse Dessin series presents 26 studies of movement and dance, which was previously exhibited in major international galleries and museums.

Degas’ work encapsulates the soul of romantic Paris, fitting within the setting of the new French bistro on board MSC Grandiosa.
It will also offer an immersive experience for guests with five videos running alongside the artwork detailing details of Degas’ work and life.

The introduction and presentation of the renowned works is part of a collaboration between MSC Cruises and THE AIMES, experts in creating multi-sensory interactive experiences, employing innovative technology to engage people with art and culture. 

The exhibition has been curated by art historian, critic and member of exhibition producers THE AIMES, Marcello Smarrelli.
The exhibition curator said: "Despite his apparently romantic subjects, Degas was a great experimenter, deeply interested in the use of new technologies available in those years of great scientific and industrial renewal.

"The focus of his artistic research was the study of the movement of the human body and the attempt to reproduce it in an artwork. For this reason, his artistic practice was fundamental for the birth of photography and cinema of which Degas was a pioneer. 

"I'm sure he would have loved this interactive art exhibition, the first of its kind at sea and it is an exciting opportunity to connect people with Degas’ artwork in a new way and bring it to life through digital content for MSC Cruises guests.”

MSC Grandiosa will become the new flagship in the MSC Cruises fleet when she launches in November with brand new Cirque du Soleil at Sea shows, and a wide choice of international dining options.

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