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Sunday 11 August 2019

A healthy drink that actually tastes good

I'm not one for healthy drinks. 

Green smoothies with spirulina and the like leave me cold; and I'm just not attracted to kombucha. 

The new Living Soda range by Bod is sugar free and also contains a dose of probiotics for better gut health. 

The promo says it is so healthy that drinkers should "give themselves a little pat on the back for genuinely improving their health".

Right. But wait, there's more. The range contains four flavours; kola, creamy soda, yuzu and now raspberry.

And a percentage of every bottle of raspberry sold is being donated to LGBTIQ+ charities around the country; a cause close to the hearts of the business owners. 

The first recipient is the new Victorian Pride Centre in St Kilda. 

Bod Drinks co-founder and co-owner Emma Risvanis said: “You can feel good about drinking any of our Living Soda range, but if you choose the raspberry flavour you’ll have even more reason to feel great. We’re excited to be able to give back to the community in this way.”

Jude Munro AO, chair of the Victorian Pride Centre welcomes the initiative. 

“We’re happy to align with brands that share our values of inclusion and community, and we’re looking forward to the support this project will bring the LGBTIQ community.”

Nicole DiPietro-Case is not only a Bod co-founder and co-owner, she’s a practicing naturopath. 

“We know that good health stems from a happy, healthy gut. Every bottle in the Living Soda range contains a dose of probiotic Bacillus subtilis R0179, known to improve and repair the gut flora.

"Most probiotics don’t survive in liquid for more than a few months. This particular probiotic does. It’s like having one billion microscopic gladiators going to battle in your gut every day."

The range has been sweetened with xylitol (from birch), a prebiotic that starves oral bacteria, making these drinks great for gum health too. (Give yourself another pat on the back!) Prebiotics, apparently, are a type of fibre that acts like a fertilizer for the good bacteria in your gut.

Probiotics, prebiotics. All I know is it tastes pretty good to me - and that's all I want from a drink. 

The Bod Living Soda range is available online and in many health stores, cafes and independent supermarkets. They retail for $3.99.

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