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Friday 23 August 2019

Ray Martin, a star photographer, and a country wine bar

Talented photographer Ewen Bell is a friend of mine, as is excellent winemaker and wine bar host Johnno Harris. And I've seen Ray Martin a lot on the telly.

The three combine for a photo exhibition, Feathers of the Dragon, that starts today upstairs at the Mitchell Harris cellar door and wine bar in Ballarat.

Martin, yes the former TV journalist and now photographer, travelled with Bell to Bhutan to capture a special collection of images from two perspectives, the birds that live in the forests and the Bhutanese who protect that habitat.

They met with farmers, monks, conservationists and rangers. What they discovered was a beautiful expression of conservation that has deep cultural roots, and yet is awakening to the modern world and a modern way to look at conservation values.

Where they come together is the idea that the best way to protect wilderness is by local awareness of the wildlife who live there. When communities see the birds, they will act protect them.

The exhibition is part of the Ballarat international Foto Biennale and has its official opening on August 31.


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