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Thursday 15 August 2019

Do Dallas like a Ewing

Visitors can now spend the night at the famed Southfork Ranch - made famous in the long-running Dallas TV series - and live like a Ewing with full access to the entire mansion and pool. 

The legendary Parker, Texas, ranch - home to countless Ewing family showdowns - captivated fans around the world during the show’s 1970s and 80s heyday. 

The over-the top consumption of J.R., Sue Ellen, Bobby and Lucy Ewing can now be shared to mark a romantic getaway, proposal, wedding night, anniversary or other special-occasion opportunity. 

A stay for two people costs $US1,978 for two people including access to the entire house and pool, an optional trail ride, the chance to sleep in the famous bedrooms of J.R. Ewing, Bobby Ewing and Lucy Ewing, a private tour of the mansion and ranch; sparkling wine and hors d’oeuvres followed by “J.R.’s Steak Dinner”, screenings of Dallas in the Ewing living room with popcorn and snacks and a home-cooked Texas breakfast at the Ewing family poolside patio table.

Additional guests may be added for $US400 per person up to a total of six guests. 

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