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Wednesday 8 June 2022

Hotel is not as grand as you would expect

Five-star accommodation is not what it was. Neither is the Hyatt hotel brand.

My thought processes when Hyatt is mentioned go to luxury properties with grand atriums, often with external elevators.

Not so Melbourne's Grand Hyatt, where I stayed this week with high expectations. My verdict: there are a lot of better places to stay in Melbourne, particularly is you are paying $318 night or more.

I struggle to see what is "luxury five-star accommodation" about this property.

It is a perfectly fine base for a night or two - and has a seriously good location - but whoever is in charge of service has dropped the ball.

There is, for instance, no one to help you with your luggage at either the main entrance or side entrance, and no one to help older folk with the difficult swinging doors on the Collins Street side.

When I checked in, the desk person was training someone else. Which delayed matters somewhat. No apology. Just suck it up. And no offer to help with baggage to the room,

The room I stayed in was small and beige, with no outstanding features. Bland, in fact. Not really five-star.

The mini toiletries were at half mast (someone had clearly used them and they had not been replaced) while when I pulled out a tissue the box was empty. Check people. Check.

Throw in slow lifts and no 24-hour room service (not needed but surely essential at a 550-room city centre hotel) and I was grumpy after a buffet breakfast where my used cereal plate sat in front of me for the whole of my meal despite the restaurant being a quarter full.

Check-out saw a queue (only two desk people on duty) - and the invoice I was promised would be emailed to me still has not arrived 24 hours later. Disappointing.

Hyatt should do better - and you can certainly do better.     

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