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Wednesday 1 June 2022

Whisky from India? The next big thing in spirits?

When you think of India, you automatically think of single malt whisky. 

I'm joking, of course, but global drinks giant Diageo apparently has high hopes for its Godawan whisky, which was showcased at the recent Cannes Film Festival. 

Godawan was launched in Jaipur and is now set to be sold across international markets. 

And that is where it becomes a little bit silly. A press release issued today says: "Diageo India is set to introduce Rajasthani tradition and culture to the world". 

Yep, whisky is being promoted as a Rajasthani cultural icon. 

"Godawan is crafted in, its provenance inspired by, and dedicated wholeheartedly to the Rajasthani ethos of 'beauty in scarcity, and sustainability," the press release raves on relentlessly. 

"It pays homage to the spirit of its people who are known for their preservation and conservation skills, and for crafting exceptional things of brilliance from whatever little nature provides."

To be honest, the whisky is finishing "in special casks selectively curated with Indian botanicals".

But then it gets silly again. 

"Godawan positions India as the haven of quality single malts on a global map and sets a new benchmark for sustainable and conscious Indian luxury." Righto. 

Nurse. The pills.

"We, at Diageo India, believe consumers, culture and community lie at the heart of our innovation. Godawan will help the world and our consumers discover an aspect of Indian culture hitherto unknown - rich and meaningful," says Hina Nagarajan, CEO, Diageo India.. 

Godawan is about to be launched in Dubai - a strange choice - with other markets to follow. 

No. I have not tried it. 

By the way, the Godawan is the Great Crested Bustard, a symbol of Rajasthan. 

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