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Thursday 2 June 2022

Champagne sales in Australia continue to soar

The Covid-10 pandemic, lockdowns, restaurant closures, financial difficulties. 

None of them made the slightest difference to Champagne lovers in Australia as sales figures continued to soar in 2021.  

The volume of exports of Champagne to Australia grew by 16.8% from 8.25 million 750ml bottles in 2020 to over 9.9 million bottles in 2021. 

This is a difference of over 1. 3 million more bottles of Champagne and means that more Champagne came to Australia last year than ever before in our history.


Australia is the sixth-largest export market for Champagne in the world by volume – which is remarkable considering a population of only 25 million people.


In 2020, the value of the Australian market was around €116 million (which was up by 11% compared to 2019). In 2021, the market was worth €160 million, which is an increase of just over 26% compared to 2020. 

This potentially shows that Australians are following the trend of ‘trading-up’ in their choices of Champagne, the Champagne Bureau reports.


The market has pretty consistently grown by around 8-10% each year for the past 20 years, including 2021 where Australia was the only market in the world to show any significant growth (11.2%).


Champagne houses make up the largest sector in the Australian market at around 95% (9.5 million bottles) but other categories of Champagne producers such as growers and co-ops are receiving more and more interest from educated Australian consumers. 

The number of different companies has increased dramatically too – in 2020 there were 261 brands of Champagne coming to Australia, but in 2021 a total of 304 brands were imported – an increase of 43. 


Photo by Andrii Omelnytskyi on Scopio

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