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Wednesday 22 June 2022

Look out for a Martini glass neon sign

Backroom, tucked away from Melbourne’s Toorak Road, will launch on July 1, offering a space for a post-dinner tipple, late-night snack, or cocktail. 

Adjoining Latin-influenced Lona Misa restaurant, the venue will be led by Ovolo Hotel’s group creative culinary director Ian Curley; group creative drinks director Andrea Gualdi (ex Maybe Sammy); Lona Misa’s executive chef Isa Raku and bar manager Jordan Tredennick.

With entry via a discrete concrete door on Toorak Road, identified only by a neon Martini glass sign, Backroom will be a 45-seat underground venue. 

Backroom will open every Friday and Saturday evening - and I must say it sounds a little pretentious. 

Andrea Gualdi says: “We’re lucky enough to work with leading innovative minds in the beverage industry, and so with the launch of Backroom we wanted to flip the concept of a bar on its head, providing a platform for these brands to shine. 

"The product comes first and sets our team the exciting creative challenge of reinventing our food and beverage menus with each new collaboration, drawing inspiration from what these brands are all about - their unique flavour profiles, heritage and ethos. We couldn’t think of a better way to kick things off than with an all-Australian line-up from Feels Botanical, Regal Rogue and Capi.”

This, apparently will not be just about drinks but be "a sensorial journey through flavour, colour, texture and sound". So there. 

Highlights from the cocktail menu will include a Regal Rogue Wild Rose Ricky (Regal Rogue Wild Rose, Feels Vivify, Capi Soda), a Feels Botanical Vivifying Martini (Feels Vivify, Regal Rogue Lively White, Orange Bitters), a Red Ricky highball (Regal Rogue Bold Red, Feels Vivify, Topped with Capi Grapefruit and Rosemary Soda Water) and Regal Revel Negroni (Feels Revel, Campari, Regal Rogue Bold Red, Orange Bitters).

As part of Ovolo Hotel Group’s Plant’d initiative, Backroom will showcase an entirely vegetarian menu aligned to the brand’s ongoing pledge to ethical eating, conscious cuisine and cutting-edge veg. 

How very, very hip. 

Backroom will be located at 234 Toorak Rd, South Yarra. Look out for that Martini glass sign. 

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