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Sunday 19 June 2022

My new buddies are a travel treat

When I'm on the road I want to travel as light as possible.

No big headphones, no annoying charging cables.

But I also want high-quality sound, which is why I was delighted when the team behind PaMu Slide 2, the affordable ANC (that means active noise cancellation, BTW) Bluetooth in-ears buds, offered to send me their new product to test drive.

Which I did - listening to styles of music ranging from Whitesnake to Jason Isbell.

The PaMu Slide 2 buds are my new best travelling buddy.

The previous generation of PaMu was the most successful crowdfunding audio project on Indiegogo.
PaMu Slide 2 is even better - and very affordable.

The sound is clear and precise and the noise cancellation drowns out even those droning airline announcements.

The PaMu app enables users to alter the key settings and change different EQ modes for various sound experiences. You can also check in the app for how much battery power is left for each earbud.

PaMu Slide 2 offers 6.5 hours of listening per single charge and up to 26 hours of battery life with the wireless charging case using a slide cover design that looks like a retro camera.

It's pretty cool.

You can learn more tech info about the brand new PaMu Slide 2 here:

There is an ergonomic in-ear design feature to ensure the buds won’t be loose or fall out, and I particularly like the wireless charging. A wireless charger for phones also works on the earbuds charging case.

Also very handy is the light at the bottom of the charging case to display the battery power.

With big brand wireless earbuds costing over $300, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

My test pair is not getting returned.

See more PaMu products here:

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