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Saturday 18 June 2022

Brewery paints a pretty picture

Shelter Brewing Co in Western Australia has commissioned renowned local artist Ian Daniell to paint the biggest indoor mural in the south west region.
Daniell, known for painting life-sized ocean life, is currently working on a 200-square-metre mural of a breaching humpback whale on the walls of Shelter’s second floor lab and office.

The mural, Breach, will be completed during the ninth annual Margaret River Region Open Studios, to be held from September 10-25.

Daniell said that he was thrilled to collaborate with Shelter and pay homage to the humpback whale.

“Fun fact - the humpback whale has the largest appendage - as in arms and legs, and in their case, flippers - in the animal kingdom, so it’s great to have a wall big enough to paint a life-sized version,” said British-born Daniell.

“With humpback whales being protected, we’re seeing more of them during migrations, you could say the humpback is making a comeback, and this mural is a colourful celebration of that.

“The backflip breach position of the humpback is true to what you’d see if you’re out on a boat or whale watching from shore.”

Shelter is a sponsor of Margaret River Region Open Studios, the largest event of its kind in the southern hemisphere. It enables everyone to access art as artists open their home studios inviting art lovers in to chat about art, see their work, and/or see them at work.

“Our partnership with Margaret River Region Open Studios is Shelter’s biggest collaboration to date in terms of investment,” said Paul Maley, general manager of Shelter.

“We’ve increased the space of the office and brew lab wall to accommodate Ian’s mural and we love what he’s doing - it’ll be a talking point, as all good art is, and add colour to an otherwise white wall.”

Get an early peek at the mural at Shelter Brewing Co, on the Busselton Foreshore.

Shelter brews six beers: Summer Sour, India Pale Ale, Pale Ale, Extra Pale Ale, Lager, Red Ale and a cider, along with seasonal brews (current season beer is the Bonfire Stout).

Image: LewisFrench

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