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Sunday 19 June 2022

Tesla gets angry with Chinese brewer

Electric car manufacturer Tesla is involved in a spat with a Chinese brewery that is selling Tesla beer and Tesla soda.

The US car maker has never produced drinks - but the Chinese company has. The two businesses are now set to go to court, Chinese website vinojoy reports.

A range of beer and soda waters that bear a striking resemblance to Tesla’s logo and name will be the focus of court action brought by the carmaker against the drinks’ Chinese manufacturer and distributor in Shanghai.

Court documents filed by Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. say Chinese company Sino Drinks Food Company has infringed on its legal rights by making beer and soda products that use its lawful trademarks.

It named the Chinese company and its subsidiary in Guangdong as well as a design company as defendants in the case.

Tesla Shanghai has demanded $US 742,000) in compensation. The Shanghai High Court will hear the case on June 23.

The series of controversial products are Tesila Beer, which uses Tesla’s transliterated Chinese pinyin name, and Tesla soda.

The drinks’ logo and names both resemble the car maker’s designs (below).

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