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Thursday 20 June 2024

Wine industry looks to boost gender equality/diversity

The Australian wine industry is launching a new survey to investigate the state of gender equality, and to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for progress in the grape and wine sector.

The collaborative effort is being run by Australian Grape & Wine’s Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in Wine (DEIW) committee and is funded by Wine Australia.

Research will be undertaken by Charles Sturt University and the University of New South Wales.

The research team will engage wine and grape sector stakeholders to identify recommendations and develop a practical toolkit for businesses and sector organisations, translating best practices and innovative ideas for gender equality, into actionable steps.

There's a whole lot of politically correct jargon in that one sentence, but hopefully the sentiment is serious.

Wine Australia Chief Executive Officer Martin Cole said the study will help the sector tap the depth of diversity across the breadth of the sector’s value chain. Yikes.

“Achieving long-term sector profitability, resilience and sustainability means we must have the best people at the table," Cole said. "A vibrant future demands we look to broaden the expertise, experience and perspectives of those at decision-making tables across the value chain.

Gender equality and diversity were identified by the sector as a priority through recent consultation for the One Grape & Wine Sector Plan.

“This research project will build on efforts made by the sector in recent years, recognising the need to progress these, providing evidence-based support for ongoing improvement,” Cole said.

“Our goal is to equip the sector with practical resources to be more inclusive, fostering equality and diversity to strengthen business and sector performance.”

Australian Grape & Wine DEIW committee chair Ali Laslett said the grape and wine sector was a significant employer in regional areas and had shown commitment to increasing gender equality.

“Promoting gender equality aligns with the strategic priorities of many primary industries," she said.

"The DEIW committee identified several initiatives in our workplan, and we are delighted that our recommendation to provide practical resources for all businesses within the sector will be realised through this project.

"Our sector’s future success is built on practices that support and retain a diverse workforce.”

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