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Wednesday 19 June 2024

Italian flavours result in a wine success story

At a time of doom and gloom in much of the Australian wine industry it is full steam ahead at Dal Zotto Wines in Victoria's King Valley, where the brand is booming.

Over the last five years, Dal Zotto Wines has grown 12% year-on-year and the addition of an accommodation offering in 2023 has seen an increase in cellar door visitations by 20%.

To meet growing demand, the Dal Zotto family also purchased a 100 acre-vineyard in Whitlands, increasing vineyard holdings by 50%.”

As part of the expansion, Harry Brazel was recently appointed as CEO, joining chief winemaker Michael Dal Zotto, the former CEO, and sales and marketing director Christian Dal Zotto in the leadership team.

It is the first time the Dal Zottos have looked outside the family to employ someone in this pivotal role.

“I’ve been CEO for over 15 years and it’s time for a change and time for me to concentrate on the winemaking side of things,” says Michael Dal Zotto.

"The business growth has enabled us to look at Dal Zotto Wines more broadly and bring someone in, separate to the family, to steer the ship.

"It’s exciting to bring in a new perspective. Harry has a lot of fresh ideas and it’s time to create more opportunities. It’s what’s best for the business.”

Brazel has extensive business experience - including a stint in London - as was commercial manager of Limestone Coast Wines from 2017 to 2021.

“For me, it was the perfect position," he says. "I love wine and the wine industry, have the skill-set and I was already living in the region. I couldn’t have written the script better; it ticked a lot of boxes.”

Founded by Otto Dal Zotto, an Italian immigrant from Valdobbiadene who is Michael and Christian's father, Dal Zotto has a focus on Prosecco styles and Italian varietals. 

Image: Harry Brazel, Christian Dal Zotto, Michael Dal Zotto. Supplied.

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