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Tuesday 25 June 2024

Food, drinks, and now Tasmania has its own fragrance

Tasmania has built a formidable reputation for its food and wine, and now the island state has its own fragrance. 

Wild fragrance GONDWANA by Undersong has just launched in one of Tasmania's most picturesque locations. 

The perfumery is located overlooking the water at Bicheno’s The Gulch, a noted east coast beauty spot, and is open by appointment. 

Undersong founder Hilary Burden, a former ABC journalist and author (right), says GONDWANA Eau de Parfum "evokes a love of land from old time, an era when flowering plants first arrived in the southern hemisphere 100 million years ago".

Tasmania has some of the rarest temperate rainforests in the world with links to the former great southern landmass of Gondwana. 

The limited-release wild fragrance aims to distil the essence of Earth’s temperate rainforests and evoke a love of plants older than human life.

GONDWANA was chosen from six Undersong aromatic mists (all steam-distilled hydrosol blends created by Burden) by Grasse-based master perfumer Marianne Nawrocki, who specialises in natural fragrances. 

Burden worked alongside Nawrocki at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery in France during the summer of 2023. Together they lifted the fragrance’s intensity and longevity.

Returning to Australia, Burden continued to fine-tune her scent with Sydney-based independent perfumer Jocelyn Fullerton. 

GONDWANA Eau de Parfum is described as "a woody-aromatic scent that opens with piquant Tasmanian pepper leaf and Sassafras. 

These native ingredients lend their vibrant energies to White cypress leaf, Cabreuva wood and Tasmanian Celery Top pine, creating a primordial harmony of nature in balance, an odour of temperate rainforests, of leaves, flowers, and heartwood, from sun-drenched forest canopies down to the petrichor-rich earth". 

GONDWANA travel sizes are now available from Undersong Perfumery, Bicheno, and online at

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