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Monday 3 June 2024

Perfect products for pampered pooches

Albi the Staffy cross was a little odoriferous.

Pongy, in fact. Some would say stinky.

He'd worn out his welcome on the bed after a regime that included swimming in seaweed-infested water, rolling in unmentionable piles of smelly stuff and sweating in front of the fire.

So urgent action was needed.

The team from Outback Tails recently launched its Dog Grooming Range and offered to send some to Albi in his role as an influencer.

Now Albi may have been a bit wiffy, but he is very keen on grooming products formulated with natural ingredients and "infused with the essence of the Australian outback".

As a thoroughly modern dog, he enjoys eco-friendly, sustainable and natural pet-care products.

So he jumped into the bath and was given a full scrubbing. The result was a fragrant dog - smelling like a quality gin, my wife said - although probably not for long.

The Outback Tails Grooming Range features: Natural Dog Wash (RRP $34.99); Natural Dog Conditioner (RRP $34.99) and Paw and Skin Repair (RRP $22.99), ideal for when you have been scrambling over rocks by the beach.

These doggie luxuries are infused with botanicals including Finger Lime, Paperbark Oil, Kakadu Plum, Tasmanian Pepperberry and Native Bush Mint, and are promoted as being much better for your hound than harsh chemicals.

Founder and creative director Jessica Knight was inspired by the resilience and spirit of her Golden Retriever, Bonnie, who faced a severe autoimmune disorder. Witnessing Bonnie's need for a toxin-free lifestyle to maintain her health and vitality ignited a journey to craft the perfect grooming solution tailored to her delicate needs.

Albi is a little more robust, but does now smell good. 

You'll find all the details here: And your canine companion will almost certainly be grateful - as are our noses - and reward you with a wagging tail.


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