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Sunday 23 June 2024

Here's a "big" wine bargain: perfect for a sausage sizzle supper


Here is a wine tasting note that I have never used before: "Perfect for pairing with a sausage sizzle supper". 

Friends outdid Bunnings with a recent full sausage sizzle. four styles of snags; perfectly cooked onions, tomato sauce, mustard or barbecue sauce, and sliced bread. 

Perfect for a casual al fresco supper on a chilly night.

I'd been looking for a chance to sample a one-litre bottle of 2021 Barossa Bomb Shiraz - and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. 

We put the bottle on the table; a few people took a sip, a glass, and then, surprisingly quickly, the bottle was empty. 

A perfect wine and food match. 

It's a full-blooded wine, with plenty of flavour, but it is well balanced on the finish and a very decent drink. 

And now for the good news. These one-litre bottles retail at ALDI stores for $16, so are an ideal buy if cash is a little bit tight. 

The guys at ALDI don't give a lot away about the wine. We know it is from the Barossa. And it is from the 2021 vintage. That's about it. 

And this is ALDI, so it could be already sold out, or off rotation. But it is certainly one to look out for should it come around again.      

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