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Saturday 1 June 2024

Perth Airport in chaos as flights are cancelled

Flying in our out of Perth Airport this weekend? Good luck with that.

The airport in one of the most remote cities on earth has been in chaos this morning with no planes allowed to land or depart as officials deal with a serious fuel supply issue.

Our Brisbane correspondent was a victim this morning with a family trip to Perth starting with boarding as usual.

They then rported: "All flights into Perth cancelled due to a refuelling problem at Perth airport. We have had to disembark. And now we wait. And wait."

An estimated 70 flights were cancelled or delayed before the airport said the issue had been resolved around lunchtime, local media reported.

“Refuelling operations have recommenced at Perth Airport,” the airport said in an afternoon statement. “We will now work with our airline partners to help clear a backlog of flights and get passengers on their way. Please contact your airline for updates on your flight.”

QF10 from London to Perth was diverted to Karratha because of the Perth Airport fuel problem. You can imagine how delighted those on board were. 

A Perth Airport spokesman confirmed that aircraft could not re-fuel due to a problem with load pressure in the fuel lines at the facility.

“Perth Airport is currently experiencing a significant fuel supply issue which is impacting the ability to refuel aircraft,” the spokesman said before the issue was resolved. 

“Passengers should contact their airline for information about their flights. Perth Airport is working with external experts to fix the problem and we apologise for any inconvenience.”

The joys of flying in 2024.

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