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Monday 10 June 2024

Milestone wine release pays tribute to one of the backroom boys

Winemakers are the rock stars of the wine industry.

They are the ones on stage collecting the trophies, making the speeches, taking the headlines.

But just as Bruce Springsteen needs the E Street Band to shine at his brightest, so any successful wine business is a collaboration.

Viticulturists, logistics experts, marketers and myriad behind-the-scene play key roles ino producing quality wines.

One brand that recognises talent across the board is Yalumba, which this year releases the 50th vintage of its The Signature red blend.

Each year The Signature recognises the work of people right across the business - from managing directors to cellar rats.

The newly released 50th vintage The Signature Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz is adorned by the signature of Christopher Gerhardy.

Yalumba describes Chris as "a third-generation employee, a gentle, personable, humble human who took a job on the bottling line in 1972. He moved on to looking after dry-goods and packaging, where he has witnessed many changes and innovations over his 51 years of service."

Robert Hill-Smith, head of the family that owns Yalumba, said: “This man is remarkable, and his family have been remarkable contributors for over three generations, serving 145 years cumulatively here at Yalumba.”

You can read Chris' story on the back label of the 2021 vintage, which retails for around $60. I've got a bottle lined-up for tasting this week and will report back. 


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