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Thursday 27 April 2023

Wine Victoria pushes the sustainability message

Sustainability is the key buzzword in the wine industry right and Wine Victoria has announced a series of sustainability workshops to make sure the state's wine producers stay ahead of the sustainability curve.

The workshops are part of the Growing Victorian wine into the future program in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture.

Working with the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) the workshops will cover two key areas:  Sustainable Winegrowers Australia (SWA) certification and moving towards carbon neutrality in the vineyard and winery. 

The first series of workshops are to be held in May and June across five locations and are aimed at supporting Victorian vineyards and wineries seeking sustainability certification (SWA).

Participants will be provided with a set of customisable templates and resources to support their preparation for audit and maintenance of the program.

The second series of workshops, also held in May/June 2023 across five locations, will be are focused on working towards carbon neutrality. 

According to SWA’s 2022 Impact report, 78% of Australians want action and consider a brand’s social and environmental actions when making a purchase. 

Additionally, 54% of global wine drinkers only trust sustainable wine that is officially certified - although I've never come across one of them. In my experience, a large proportion of wine drinkers buy because the label is eye-catching, or they like the price. 

“There has been strong growth in the uptake of the Sustainable Winegrowers Australia certification," says Wine Victoria chair Stephanie Duboudin. 

"Wine Victoria is strongly committed to providing the opportunities for our winemakers and growers to gain this important certification to ensure that our members have the skills and accreditations required for a future-focused industry. 

For a full list of workshops or to register, see 

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