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Wednesday 26 April 2023

Meet the whiskey that pays tribute to Elvis in a very strange way

Celebrity endorsements are nothing new in the drinks business, but you have to wonder what the late Elvis Presley would think of a new whiskey named in his honour.

South Carolina-based Elvis Whiskey has launched a new peanut butter, banana and bacon-flavoured whiskey into its portfolio.

Which sounds downright absurd to me - but is probably considered normal in the land of the crazies.

The new whiskey was apparently inspired by Elvis’ favourite sandwich, the flavours of which just so happen to create “a perfectly balanced blend of sweet, savoury, salty and smoky” notes when recreated in whiskey form, the makers say, tongue firmly in cheek, I hope.

Or perhaps not, as their website blurb says: "Midnight Snack delivers the hunka hunka burning love for peanut butter, banana and bacon flavor you’ve been dreaming of."   

The singer was known for his food cravings and the Midnight Snack is the third product to come from Elvis Whiskey, joining the brand’s flagship offerings Elvis Tiger Man Tennessee Straight Whiskey and Elvis The King Tennessee Straight Rye Whiskey.

Elvis Whiskey is produced by Charleston-based Grain & Barrel Spirits, The Drinks Business reports.

“Elvis is one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century and continues to inspire his fans today, as we’ve seen by the massive success of the recent Elvis movie, both in its record-breaking box office numbers and awards,” said Matti Anttila, founder of Grain & Barrel.

Grain & Barrel Spirits recommends serving Midnight Snack as a straight pour, on the rocks, or as a shot or in a cocktail.

The whiskeys are part of a licensing collaboration between Grain & Barrel Spirits and Authentic Brands Group, who bought the Elvis brand from Presley's family.

The Tennessee-bottled whiskey is priced at US$34.99 so is clearly aimed at an, ahem, distinct market segment.

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