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Tuesday 18 April 2023

How to master your intimidating air fryer

We have an air fryer at home: it is a terrifying looking thing.

Luckily, we have an equal division of labour in the kitchen. My wife, Tereza Dobbin, cooks. I open the bottles of wine.

So when I was offered the chance to review Nathan Anthony's Bored of Lunch: The Healthy Air Fryer Book, I handed test duties over to her.

She also decided to write her own review. So here is is:

I’ve had an air fryer for a while but have never embraced it with any enthusiasm. 

Another kitchen gadget that I had to get my head around, when what it does could just as easily be done in the oven. That’s what I thought until I leafed through this cookbook and felt inspired to give it a go.

The appearance of the book is a bit daggy with various fonts and bright colours but it is the content that counts.

Each recipe is well laid out with an introduction and a photo of the finished dish, along with a calorie count.

I first tried the beetroot burgers - cooking half in the air fryer and half in the oven - as it was already on.

To my surprise the two versions were completely different: crispier and tastier from the air fryer in less time than those cooked in the oven.

For this week’s work lunches, I have made the falafels with tahini sauce which have turned out well - though the aubergine on the side looks a bit bland and dry.

Don’t be fooled by the title, there is much more to this book than lunches. It includes chapters on snacks, dinners, “fake aways” and sweets.

All well set out, easy to follow and quick to prepare and cook. Written by a home cook who become an internet sensation during the pandemic.  

I am now a happy convert and look forward to choosing my next healthy lunch box filler.

Bored of Lunch, The Healthy Air Fryer Book by Nathan Anthony. Published May 9 by Penguin/Random House. RRP $39.99.

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