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Wednesday 5 April 2023

Meet the airports where it is fine to carry liquids on board

The world is changing fast.

The 100ml liquid rule for air travellers is now history at London City Airport.

The rollout of high-tech CT scanners means travellers are no longer required to limit liquids to 100ml in carry-on bags.

London City and Teeside, in the north-east of England have both officially launched CT scanners for passenger screening.

The scanners allow for clearer 3D imaging, although what happens if the machines go on the blink remains an unknown.

The British Government wants all major UK airports to have installed the machines by mid-2024.

London City Airport travellers no longer have to remove liquids, laptops and other electronic gadgets from their hand baggage when passing through security, Travel Mole reports.

The liquid limit is now up to 2 litres in hand baggage, and does not have to be placed in clear plastic bag.

Trials of the machines have been taking place at British other airports including London Heathrow, Gatwick and Birmingham.

Expect them at Australian airports in around, say, 10 years.

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