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Sunday 23 April 2023

Meet the most expensive destinations on earth. And the cheapest.

Do you prefer to travel in conspicuous style, or on a budget?

Whether you love luxury or are  a backpacker, here is a list of the most expensive destinations on the planet - and some of the cheapest.

Using data from various sources, including average hotel and food prices, transportation costs and attraction prices, the website Traveller’s Elixir has ranked the world’s least and most affordable places to travel. 

It is their list, not mine, so please argue with them if you disagree. 

Top of the list for expensive getaways is Monaco (above), which Traveller’s Elixir suggests will set you back $2,258 ($AUD3,374) for a five-day trip.

In contrast, the least expensive destination is Delhi in Indi, where a stay would cost you $181 ($AUD 270) for he same number of days.

Here are the 10 most expensive destinations and the average cost of a five-day stay in US dollars:
1. Monaco ($2,258)
2. St Barts ($2,181)
3. Gstaad, Switzerland($2,065)
4. Reykjavic, Iceland ($1,919)
5. Bora Bora ($1,918)
6. Honolulu ($1,914)
7. San Franscico ($1,885)
8. New York City ($1,779)
9. Grand Cayman ($1,637, £1,316)
10. Venice ($1,548)

And the 10 most affordable destinations based on the average cost of a five-day stay:
1. Delhi, India ($181)
2. Phnom Penh ($224)
3. Kathmandu ($229)
4. Tbilisi ($249)
5. Medellin ($255)
6. Ho Chi Minh City ($259)
7. Chiang Mai ($286)
8. Cairo ($289)
9. Luang Prabang ($291)
10. Bangkok ($292)

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