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Sunday 16 April 2023

Meet the "orange" wine inspired by Bruce Springsteen

Combine the name Bruce Springsteen with hip Melbourne suburb Fitzroy and you know the topic has to be on trend.

It's wine that we are talking about - a small-batch orange wine, of course.

Fitzroy pizza joint Deep End Pizza has teamed up with natural wine hipsters Dirty Black Denim to create "an energetic and gritty" pinot grigio inspired by “The Boss” himself, Bruce Springsteen.

Who could resist?

Available exclusively at the pizza spot, the Born In Fitzroy Pinot Grigio is a small-batch orange wine made with minimal intervention from grapes grown in a small vineyard in Whitfield (King Valley).

I have not tried it yet, but I'm told the wine "boasts a bright orange colour and lively notes of lychee, green mango, fernet bitter herbs, and spring florals."

I'll report back when I have sampled it.

It apparently will pair well with Deep End’s three styles of American regional pizzas: the New York Thin Crust, Detroit Deep Pan and Chicago Deep Dish.

Dirty Black Denim is the artisan winemaking project from brothers Tim and Lawrence Scanlon, who "aim to make wines that should be drunk from a mug or tumbler in a park with your mates". Or, apparently, with pizzas.

"We are extremely excited to launch this new collaboration with Dirty Black Denim," said Deep End Pizza co-owner Kate Paterson.

"We have had a lifelong love of Bruce Springsteen and his music, and we wanted to create a wine that embodied his spirit and passion - particularly given his Italian and New York roots [well, New Jersey, actually] - while also celebrating the local community of Fitzroy.

"Thanks to Tim and Lawrence, Born In Fitzroy Pinot Grigio is a fitting tribute to The Boss, and we can't wait for pizza, wine and Springsteen-lovers alike to give it a crack the next time they join us at the shop."

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