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Monday 17 April 2023

Celebrity chef recommends cooking with frozen chicken nuggets

Manu Feildel was one of Australia's most respected chefs.

Known as one of the judges of the cooking show My Kitchen Rules, he established himself as a culinary superstar as head chef at Sydney restaurant Bilson's before moving to open his own restaurant, Manu at L'Étoile, in 2009. The restaurant closed in March 2014, and a subsequent venture also shut its doors quickly.

Now the chef is spruiking for one of Australia's biggest chicken producer, Inghams, and suggesting that home cooks use frozen chicken nuggets to create Mexican-style tacos.

Here is the PR spiel - and no, it was not sent out on April 1.

"Celebrity chef, Manu Feildel, is getting back to basics with weeknight dinners cooking Mexican tacos with chicken nuggets."

Known for cooking fine French cuisine, Manu said: “We all have busy days, and after a long day - like everyone - I just want Dinner Done. As a father of two wonderful kids, I also face the challenges of getting dinner on the table quickly midweek.”

I think I might just leave this right there. 

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