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Wednesday 19 April 2023

Hotel chain hit for imposing "hidden charges"

One of the most aggravating aspects of booking a stay at a US resort is the imposition of hidden "resort charges".

This is where the price for a night is listed at a certain price, but when you book you are hit with extra resort charges for using the pool, or the gym, and other facilities you might have absolutely no interest in visiting.

These fees can be hefty. At the Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas, resort fees are $45 per day on top of your room rate.  

Now Marriott has been hit with a $225,000 fine (chump change to a big corporation) to the state of Pennsylvania for not complying with an agreement over "hidden" resort fees.

PA Attorney General Michelle Henry said Marriott was given multiple extensions to the 2021 settlement and failed to meet a February deadline, Travel Mole reported.

As part of the settlement, Marriott was required to list all mandatory fees clearly at all stages of the booking process.

The state accused the hotel group of "drip pricing", which means only showing the true cost at the final booking confirmation stage or when checking in at the hotel.

Marriott will pay the fine for failing to meet compliance deadlines.

“What the settlement demands is simple: be up front with consumers and do not hide fees for hotel stays,” Henry said.

"I am thankful that Marriott has agreed to comply with the terms of settlement agreement without the need for litigation."

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