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Thursday 20 April 2023

Another tourism hotspot plans to tax visitors

Regular readers will have noticed a trend towards destinations imposing taxes on the visitors they try so hard to attract.

From entry taxes to bed taxes, holiday destinations are increasingly looking for their pound of financial flesh from tourists.

The South Korean resort island of Jeju - known for its many beach resorts - is the latest spot investigating new ways to gouge visitors.

It is one of the country’s top leisure destinations and is predominately visited by domestic tourists, although its popularity is growing with foreigners.

Local officials noted Jeju's popularity has led to growing garbage and sewage issues, Travel Mole reports.

Jeju is contemplating a number of different series of tourist fees, including imposing an entry fee.

It also is planning a KRW1,500 ($AU1.50) fee per night, while visitors renting a car or minivan will pay KRW5,000 and KRW10,000 respectively.

Officials at Jeju Special Self-Governing Province said the average total tourist fee would be around KRW8,170 per day, which is a fairly hefty $9.20.

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