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Monday 14 November 2022

New Zealand wine to be made using Australian grapes

Here's one of the strangest wine stories of the year: the New Zealand wine brand that is to be made with Australian grapes.

Lindauer is a very well-known New Zealand sparkling wine brand - but it is turning its back on its Kiwi heritage, leading New Zealand news website reports.

The Lindauer Classic Brut will henceforth be made using Australian grapes rather than New Zealand fruit, while the Classic Rosé will be a blend of Aussie and Kiwi grapes.

Both wines were previously made with 100% New Zealand grapes sourced from from Gisborne and Hawkes Bay.

Jane De Witt​, chief winemaker at Lindauer owner Lion, said the decision had been made to keep costs stable.

“As with everything that’s happening at the moment costs have increased significantly for us,” she said.

“We’ve really struggled to find the volume and the quality that we’re happy with to ensure the quality and the value that our consumers expect.

“Costs are increasing, so if we are to supply Lindauer to the consumer at the same or similar price point we just couldn’t continue using New Zealand grapes.”


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