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Tuesday 22 November 2022

Nespresso unveils paper-based capsules than can be home composted

Ever felt bad about using aluminium Nespresso capsules when you make a coffee? You guilt is about to be assuaged.

Nespresso this week unveiled a new range of paper-based home-compostable capsules that it says have taken over three years of research and development.

Nespresso says the home-compostable paper-based capsules will have zero impact on the taste experience.

The company says consumer demand for compostable packaging is increasing, and an estimated 45% of French people now home compost one or more types of biowaste.

Guillaume Le Cunff, the Nespresso CEO, said: "We are more committed than ever to widening the sustainable choices we offer our consumers.

"We are excited to announce our first ever paper-based home compostable capsule, which will complement our offering of aluminium capsules that are both recyclable and made using 80% recycled aluminium. This is about yet another sustainable choice, without compromising on quality."

Julia Lauricella, Head of Nestlé System Technology Center, said: "Our 40 years of experience in coffee systems allowed us, together with the Nestlé Institute of Packaging Sciences, to develop a home compostable paper-based capsule, retro-compatible with the Nespresso Original machines, that meets and exceeds the high expectations consumers have of Nespresso in terms of protecting the coffee's aromas and taste.

"We combined a high-precision paper pulp forming process with a biodegradable layer for protection against oxidation to preserve our coffee in transport, storage and during the high-pressure extraction in our machines."

Nespresso's coffee masters have also created four new blends, including an organic coffee, specifically crafted to work in harmony with the new paper-based capsules.


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