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Sunday 20 November 2022

Why you should avoid New York State right now

Heading for New York State this week? Maybe wait a few days.

The western part of the state has had early winter snowfalls of up to 1.9 metres and even long-time residents have been amazed by the falls, particularly around the city of Buffalo.

Massive snowdrifts have made driving near impossible - with many major roads closed.

The snowfall was blamed for at least two deaths due to “cardiac events” related to shovelling and moving snow, county officials said, and an estimated 280 people needed to be rescued said New York Governor Kathy Hochul.

Orchard Park, the home of the Buffalo Bills football team, has 1.9 metres of snow and the Bills were forced to move a home game scheduled for Sunday against the Cleveland Browns to 300+km away in Detroit.

Dozens of flights arriving and departing from Buffalo Niagara International Airport were cancelled as storm conditions worsened, the airport’s website reported.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown told CNN that while his city is used to heavy snow, this is “much more than we usually get.”

“This has been a very unpredictable storm with the snow bands moving, back and forth, north to south,” Brown said. “The snow has come down very fast, very wet, very heavy.”

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