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Tuesday 8 November 2022

Never mind the economy, let's add another national holiday

Here we go again. 

Another public holiday to mark an auspicious occasion in the life of a startlingly dysfunctional rich family. More pomp and ceremony at the expense of taxpayers.

The UK, which we all understood to be having economic difficulties, has declared an extra public holiday to mark King Charles III’s coronation next years.

No doubt Australia will fall into step like a dutiful child.

The UK holiday will be held on Monday, May 8, 2023 - a full two days after the ceremony (and well over half a year since Charles actually took over as king).

The holiday is in addition to the usual May bank holiday just a week earlier.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak (who employs that odious Braverman woman) said the holiday represents "a unique moment for our country to come together and celebrate"’.

“I look forward to seeing people pay tribute to King Charles III by taking part in local and national events across the country in his honour.”

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