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Tuesday 29 November 2022

The inside dope on a beach resort with herbal intent

Meet the luxury beach resort that is using cannabis as a selling point.

The Beach Samui, on Thailand's Koh Samui island, this week announced the opening of The Herbalist at The Beach Samui, billed as the first in-hotel herbal dispensary in South-East Asia.

It coyly says the new outlet is "designed to aid in healing using natural plant-based remedies to supercharge one's lifestyle."

The Herbalist at The Beach Samui will be staffed by two registered Herbal Pharmacists trained under Thailand's Ministry of Public Health's Department for Development of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, and a roster of guest practitioners, "to deliver an all-natural healing experience as each guest wishes".

The hotel website says the "in-hotel medical cannabis and herbal dispensary will serve the finest cannabis flower, gourmet edibles and infused teas."

"Under the guidance of government-trained herbal pharmacists, using purpose-driven, certified-clean, plant-based cannabis ingredients, guests are invited to experience "a truly magical combination of cannabinoids that enhance the natural journey of well-being with a focus on the celebration of health and relaxation throughout their stay".

The Beach has 21 suites with ocean views, an a restaurant with a focus on infused Thai home-style cooking - just in case you get a big hungry!

The inside dope is that T-Basa, a cannabis industry leader in Thailand, will spearhead licensing and cultivation.

Charlotte Rose Melsom, founding partner of The Beach Samui, says: "Thailand has a long history of medicinal herb use and is once again celebrating their importance in everyday life.

"It has become our purpose to create a place where those wishing to discover the well-being benefits of medicinal herbs and cannabinoids can do so in a safe, monitored and elevated journey of outstanding hospitality, ultimate comfort, authentic experience and fundamental education."

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