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Saturday 26 November 2022

Rules on flying with liquids may soon be eased

One of the most annoying aspects of flying internationally is the restriction on the amount of liquid you can carry with you as hand luggage.

On domestic flights in Australia, and many other countries, you can carry a couple of bottles of Champagne should you meet the weight allowance.

You can also carry bottles of water, should you wish.

On international flights the rules vary from airport to airport;

Sometimes you are allowed to carry a bottle of water onto your plane if it has been purchased airside. Other times, your bottle of water will be taken from you by super-keen security agents.

The rules are, of course, complete bunkum. A heavy bottle of Champagne (particularly if smashed) is a far more dangerous weapon than the tiny pocket knife I recently had taken from me at Adelaide Airport.

But there is zero common sense involved. It is all about image. And making passengers feel safe.

Good news, however, from the UK, where airports are planning to ditch the ban on liquids over 100ml by 2024, the Evening Standard newspaper reports.

Passengers travelling through UK airports will be able to carry drinks, make up and liquids of any size in their hand luggage.

New technology means passengers will be able to keep everything in their bags instead of being asked to remove laptops and ditch liquids over 100ml at screening. 

How the new scanner will be able to tell the difference between water, and say, acid, or, liquid explosives, was not revealed.

There were massive queues at British airports over the northern summer due to bag and border control checks, which would be alleviated under the plans to drop the liquid rule.

Department for Transport trials of the new technology are underway at Heathrow Airport, Gatwick and Birmingham.

Shannon and Donegal airports in Ireland, which have 3D scanners in operation, have already lifted their bans, The Times reports.

Photo by Michele Princigalli on Scopio

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