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Tuesday 8 November 2022

A weighty issue for American airlines

I am no slimline creature but I feel positively virtuous when among Americans. Some of them are absolutely humungous.

Now, United Airlines is operating some of its flights with empty seats due to the increasing weight of the average American air traveller.

The airline is blocking off up to six middle seats on Boeing 757 flights because of federal weight and balance restrictions, Travel Mole reports. The move is to ensure aircraft are properly balanced. 

“The temporary change is a result of the increased average customer winter weights as prescribed by the FAA [Federal Aviation Authority],” the airline says.

“To be compliant with the current B757 weight and balance requirements, United will block specific seats between November 1 and April 30, 2023."

Airlines have to account for a little more weight per passenger due to heavier winter clothing while base weight averages were increased in 2019 to account for the increasing weight of passengers.

The New York Post was blunt in its assessment, using the headline: "United Airlines eliminating seats as Americans get fatter". 

Image: Live and Let's Fly

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