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East Coast Wine Trail
East Coast Wine Trail

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

How to become a Champagne expert at home: for free

Wine lovers with time on their hands might want to consider an online study course that will teach them the basics of Champagne. 

Champagne Bureau Australia, the Australian office representing the Comité Champagne in France, has launched an online platform dedicated to Champagne education and designed for industry professionals and wine lovers alike – the Champagne-MOOC.

The Massive Open Online Course for Champagne, or Champagne-MOOC, is a course of study that has been developed by the education department at Comité Champagne in Epernay to deliver accurate information about the Champagne industry. 

Anyone can register for the course for free.

The course features seminars and pro tips from Master of Wine Jérémy Cukierman, as well as producers and growers from the region. 

The presentation includes a range of video tutorials and educational seminars about Champagne wines with modules on the production process and terroir, serving and tasting Champagne, the diversity of the wines, how to pair Champagne with food, producers’ commitment to the environment and sustainability, the history of the wine, and the economics of production.

The Champagne-MOOC is available online 24/7 and can be completed in stages, on any device to allow for particpants to learn the material at their own pace. 

The classic version has approximately five hours of content at www.champagne-mooc.com. An additional premium version which comes with extra instruction and tests as well as a MOOC certificate of completion is available for €49.

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